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Owners Zack and Nick Marella are brothers that have always shared an interest in many things. But all of those interests had one thing in common, speed.  From going to the Daytona 500 as kids to barrel racing to riding dirtbikes, the boys were hooked.  From a young age they fell in love with the Dodge Cummins trucks, which was passed down from their father.  From there, the story pretty much writes itself.

Since the boys were old enough to drive, they've always had Dodge pickups.  And they've always tinkered around making modifications here and there to make them go faster.  Eventually Nick got into the pulling scene, and when he saw how much more he needed to do something clicked.  He knew how much money he would have to spend in order to make it in the big leagues, and he knew that everything was over priced so he decided to do something about it.

Nick had the initiative and the drive and the ingenuity that he needed.  So using their machine shop, Nick and Zack decided to start making aftermarket parts for Nick's '95 Cummins.  Once Nick tested them, they were sold to the other local recreational pullers.  Eventually ZRM Diesel Performance Parts, the online aftermarket Cummins parts store for ZRM Enterprises LLC, website went live to all around the world.   With parts manufactured out of 100% USA made material which comes from local businesses, the Marella brothers are proud to say that they offer quality parts at an affordable price. 

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All our products are made in the USA and from USA-source materials.

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